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in this issue you find an interview with Stephenie Meyer, the writer of the Twilight novels. We talked with her about her new book, the love between Edward and Bella and the darkness. Judgement Day is the title of Fredrik Petterssons new photo series. Enter this world if you`re not scared. We also talked with the 2007 Breakthrough Actor George Katt about his life and career and with the filmmaker Hava Beller about her work and the resistance nowadays and against Hitler.

Next issue: "Reading opens the soul" - Voltaire - A special about literature - 12/01/07

And it`s Jalicanos first birthday! So we would be happy if you celebrate with us the sixt issue and let us some birthday greetings in our guestbook.

We are always looking for new writers, young journalists, photographers. So take your chance and be a part of Jalicano!


"The dark is the perfect place for unfettered imagination"

Interview with Stephenie Meyer




"The first film I saw was a film I didn`t see"

Interview with filmmaker Hava Beller



Judgement Day

A photoseries by Fredrik Pettersson



Bad boy at heart

Interview with the actor George Katt








 Interview with Negative

And a special drawing by Antti




 Pridefestivalen i Stockholm

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