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Interview with Mikko from Reflexion

“There will never be too much loving in this planet!”

Since more 10 years the guys from “Reflexion” are well known in their hometown Oulu in Finland. But they had to wait until March 2005 to release their first album “Out of the dark”. It was a long journey, but it is not over. Lannu spoke with Mikko about two more albums and worldwide success.

JC: So then, here we go, how are you?

Mikko: I'm doing fine thanks! Though I've been quite busy lately with demo recordings for the next album and clarifying some things for our Russian trip.

JC: You do all the promotion in the Internet (Myspace, Forums, the Reflexion Homepage, Youtube…) alone, right?! It is for you fun, or do you all this because it belongs to your job, being a member of a band?

Mikko: I don't know, I just happened that I took the responsibility from these things and I guess I've managed them quite well. And of course it's a thing that somebody has to do and being in a band is always working for the future and these things help hugely in promotion etc.

JC: I’m of the opinion, that you are a bit different from other bands. I mean the way you work, Juha lives in Helsinki and you others live in Oulu. Nevertheless you are already concentrating on a new album. How you manage that?

Mikko: We are working with the new songs all the time and when it's time to start collecting pieces together for the next album, we just spend some time practising new songs and do the rest together.

JC: Can you already say in which direction the new album will go? Will it be darker, more emotional or something new? Or aren’t you far enough? I’ve heard that Juha will play the keyboard now….

Mikko: There is also some heavier stuff coming. Of course it's something new for us but all in all i would like to say that it's more interesting stuff. Juha won't actually play
any keyboards for the album but he has done some string and keyboard arrangements with his computer.

JC: Can you already give us an approximately date for the release?

Mikko: Next year is close enough..

JC: Would you say that you are typical Finn who can better work on new material in the dark seasons like winter or autumn?

Mikko: Our release "cycle" just happens to be such that we are always working with the new stuff in the autumn and in the beginning of the winter.

JC: I’m sure you know, with your music you help many people very much. What do you think about this?

Mikko: It's always positive thing if somebody can let of some steam by listening our music. And sometimes just reading the lyrics is enough.

JC: Here in Germany, almost every new band from Finland is compared with HIM and The Rasmus. Sometimes also with bands like Charon or Sentenced. What do you think about this? Because I don't think that you can compare Reflexion with HIM!

Mikko: It doesn't matter, if our music is compared to some other band, as long as it's a good band like most of those bands you mentioned are.

JC: Other bands shoot around 3 videos from the songs of an album and if they release the album in another country they publish a video too. Reflexion has only one Video to “Crashing down”. Why?

Mikko: Actually we don't have any video from this album. Crashing Down video is from demo times and shot with previous line-up. And shooting the video is not usually up to us but
it's record company who decides about videos.

JC: The tour with Charon here in Germany is unfortunately cancelled. What did you expect from the German audience? Or what do you expect now for later Gigs here in Germany.

Mikko: I expect good vibes and warm welcome!

JC: If you watch the live video to “Storm” on Youtube, you have the impression that Reflexion is a strong and very good live band, can you describe your show for those who don’t know the video?

Mikko: At least I can say it's worth of seeing. Very intensive live show with the drama shadow all above us.

JC: In December Reflexion will tour together with Poisonblack in Finland. Ville Laihiala (Ex-Sentenced-singer) is the Singer and he plays the lead guitar too but on the first album it was J. P. Pleppäluoto from Charon who was singing. Is there a big friendship and support between these bands?

Mikko: Most of us in Reflexion and Poisonblack are friends together and it's always easier to tour with good northern guys!

JC: Do you look forward for the Tour?

Mikko: Yep, we have great expectations from this tour!

JC: Where do you see Reflexion in the future? Maybe in 5 years…

Mikko: We have released at least two more albums, toured abroad and gained more success worldwide

JC: I often have read that Raymond is the funniest of you. Can you describe yourself and the others in three words?

Mikko: Big-nosed narcistic egoist
Raymond: Crazy sick bastard
Juhani: Down-to-earth professor guy
Ilkka: Scientific anti-human being
Juha: Notorious heaven queen

JC: Almost the last question is always: What do you want to say to those who don’t know Reflexion. So I want to do it different - do you want to say to your fans that love and support Reflexion?

Mikko: There will never be too much loving in this planet!

JC: Palijon kiitosia for the interview! I wish you all the best for you, for Reflexion and for the Tour in December! I hope to see you soon on stage here in Germany!

Mikko: Kiitos and thank you!

© Lannu

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